8 Natural, Healthy Ways to Get Rid of Morning Sickness

8 Natural, Healthy Ways to Get Rid of Morning Sickness

No matter if you are pregnant with your first or fifth child, morning sickness is a terrible part of pregnancy. It can be a real pain. You don’t want to give your body any harsh medication at this crucial time.

There are natural ways to ease nausea and morning sickness. These are eight possible options.

1. Eat right when you have the opportunity to eat.

This is an important thing to keep in mind. Even though you might not be able keep your stomach down all day, it can help you fight nausea by eating the right foods when you are able. This means that you don’t have to spend your whole pregnancy eating Flaming Hot Cheetos as your daily snack.

Try to eat whenever you feel hungry, not waiting too long between meals. Keep snacks on hand and choose foods that are easy to digest and won’t upset your stomach. Consider eating healthy, filling foods such as rice, chicken, and avocado.

Remember to take your prenatal vitamin with every meal. It is best to not take the prenatal supplement on an empty stomach.

2. Get your ginger on!

Even if you aren’t pregnant, ginger can help with nausea. For those times when nausea strikes and you have no other options, keep some ginger chews handy. Ginger teas and ginger ales can provide relief.

3. Take a few peppermints with you.

Peppermint has natural nausea-relieving qualities. For quick nausea relief, keep some natural peppermint candy in your bag. There are also peppermint teas available that can relieve nausea. Both teas can be brewed hot or cold.

You don’t have to think that you can keep a cup of tea or candy down. You can also use peppermint essential oils to help you sniff it as often as you need. Sometimes, just the smell of peppermint essential oil can be all that is needed.

4. Look out for foods that fight stomach acid.

Certain foods can help with morning sickness and after-meal nausea. Grapefruit and potatoes are two foods that can help with this. Try adding a grapefruit to your morning breakfast to see if it helps. You can also add potatoes to your lunch and dinner.

5. Spice up your meals with some spices

There are many spices that have been shown to reduce nausea severity. It’s worth adding these spices to your meals. Fennel powder and cinnamon are some of these spices. They can be used to treat general nausea as well as specific nausea due to menstruation or IBS.

6. Get more Vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 is a popular choice for pregnant women who don’t want to take anti-nausea medication. Vitamin B6 can be taken daily, or multiple times per day, to treat morning sickness and pregnancy-related vomiting. However, it is a good idea that you consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

7. Exercise should be given top priority

Exercise can be a great thing to do when you feel nauseous. As with eating healthier, more balanced meals during pregnancy, a healthy exercise program can also help to improve your well-being, and reduce symptoms such as morning sickness. It doesn’t take much to get moving, but even 20 minutes of light exercise per week ( such as a walk around the neighborhood) can be beneficial.

8. Start the day with something healthy.

Sometimes, an empty stomach can trigger morning sickness. Keep some plain crackers near your bed, and when you are awake, drink some water. You can reduce nausea by having something in your stomach. Also, don’t rush to get out of bed. Don’t jump up. Take it easy on yourself.

Keep it up!

The best thing about it all? It is knowing that nausea doesn’t last forever and won’t usually last throughout your pregnancy. You’ll feel as good as new in a matter of minutes.

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