Here are 7 tips to keep your kids healthy this winter

Here are 7 tips to keep your kids healthy this winter

It can be difficult to keep your kids healthy when flu season hits. Everyone you know has the stomach flu or a cold. Germs are all around. Even if your family has been staying at home for a while, it is possible that one illness can spread quickly to the entire household, leaving everyone coughing and sniffling.

With a few lifestyle adjustments, you can keep your kids healthy this winter. These habits will not only be beneficial for your children’s health, but you might also want to adopt them.

1. Forbid hand washing.

Ok, we all know that we need to wash our hands frequently after using the toilet or eating, but how often do we wash our hands after we leave the house? Or after quick blowing your nose. Do you wash your hands every day for 20 seconds with soap and hot water? Do you rinse your hands for just a few seconds?

For your family, the hand-washing rule should be enforced: Always wash your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds after you go out, before eating, and after you have sneezed or blow your nose. This simple rule can make a big difference in protecting your family. However, it is easy to forget.

2. Keep it clean.

Keep your house clean and tidy. We’re not talking about clearing out clutter. Spray all surfaces that are frequently touched, including doorknobs, faucets, countertops, tabletops, remote controls, and cell phones, with household disinfectant.

3. Look at what you eat.

Making small changes to your family’s eating habits can make a big difference in flu and cold season. Children who don’t eat enough immune-boosting foods could become more vulnerable to certain diseases.

mother and kid preparing healthy food and having fun

These are some easy ways to spice up your everyday meals

Lots of fruits and vegetables, but only the best. Reduce the amount of sodas and juices your child consumes, and ensure that they drink half their body weight each day in ounces water.

4. Respect your sleep schedules.

Poor sleep can lead to more illness, just like poor diet. Make sure your children get enough sleep to ensure their bodies are working at their best. Experts recommend that toddlers get at least 14 hours sleep each night, while preschoolers should get 13 hours and adolescents can get up to 11 hours.

5. Get moving.

Although you may think that keeping your child at home and comfortable is the best way for them to avoid illness, it’s important that they get enough exercise and fresh air as these can affect their immune system.

You can take your kids out to play in the yard, or to the park after school. Just remember to wash your hands! ).

6. Scale back your stressors.

Although you may believe your child is not stressed, they are likely to experience stress. This can cause a disruption in their immune system. Reduce stress for your child and yourself, especially in winter when you are more likely to get sick. You can plan activities that are less formal and more mindful for you both, such as a walk, quiet coloring, or just reading on the couch.

7. Know when you should visit the doctor.

You can take every precaution in the world, but still end up with a sick baby. When should you visit the doctor?

As a rule of thumb, it’s important to call your child’s physician if they have a fever or are experiencing severe pain. Your doctor will then recommend the next steps.

Keep your family and yourself safe!

Keep your family and yourself safe during flu season. Here are some preventative steps you can take. Although it might seem overwhelming or even irritating at the time, your family will be happy when they are able to prevent the spread of illness.

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