Selling Curb Appeal Tips

Selling Curb Appeal Tips

Curb Appeal. That phrase is my favorite. Truly.

It portrays a picture of tranquility, vibrant colors, and lush landscapes. The first impression we get of ourselves, the homeowner of the house, is our curb appeal. It reflects so much about who we are as individuals. You understand what I am referring to.

Before meeting my clients in person, I am able to describe in almost 100% detail the people they are. This is simply by looking at their curb appeal.

It doesn’t matter if it’s full of leaves, broken grass, toys for kids, or old wood scraps, I know what to do. If it’s a beautifully crafted work of art with all the pieces in place and could grace the cover for Homes and Lands magazine I want to hug them.

You might consider selling your house if you want potential buyers to think of you as someone who is positive and grabs their attention immediately.

Today, I’m going to share some simple tips that will make your curb appeal look amazing in just a few days. Let’s get started!

Green is Clean

Fresh greenery and flowers are one of the best ways to transform your front yard. You can add fresh seed to your front yard if it is not already mowed.

If you lack a lawn, fear not. You can simply head to your local Menards or Home Depot (or Target) and pick up some planters and soil, and fresh flowers. You can also add some uniqueness to your look with flower hangers. Be creative!

Popping front doors

A fresh coat of paint on your front door is another inexpensive and easy way to improve curb appeal. A gallon of paint will cost you $15-$30. This is a very affordable price and it’s easy to do even for beginners. Choose a bold color that complements the other colors in your home. These colors are currently in fashion: Pale Pink, Apple Red, Black and Black. To ensure that it does not clash, make sure you hold up samples first.

Magnificent Mailbox

It’s both fun and revitalizing for your curb appeal. You can replace your metal mailbox with one that is a different color or design. Match the box with your home’s theme if you have one. Before you install, make sure to get approval from your local postmaster.

Decorative Doormat

Even though it is small, a doormat conveys a feeling of welcome and invites guests to remove dirt and grime from shoes before heading indoors. It should be cheerful and not clash with other elements of your front entrance. Doormats are available at most stores for a low price.

Decor and Love

Have you got a porch on your front yard? You can add a bistro set or stylish, comfortable chairs to your front porch. Place large planters. Add cool lanterns.

Are you short on space? A simple, season-appropriate door wreath can work wonders.

Tight budget? You can find amazing decor at incredible prices in your local thrift shop. Another chance to be creative!

Upgrading the House Number

Address is what people first look at when they visit your home for the first-time. Make sure those numbers are prominent! ?

Many home numbers are forgotten, and fade over time. Get new numbers that match your home’s finish. Numbers can be purchased for as low as 2$ each. It’s easy, cheap, and very effective.

Beautiful Hardware

This quick and easy fix is not to be ignored. Replace your old front door hardware with modern, trendy options.

Door knockers should always be a knockout. You should also not forget about door handles. You will attract all visitors to your home by adding charm to the point of entry.

It’s time to light it up

Counseling clients who are thinking of selling their house, I always stress the importance of lighting the home.

This goes beyond the interior of your home. Your home can be updated with simple changes to the light fixtures. You should pay attention to your front porch lights and curb lamps.

You should consider the style and color choices for your home. If you live in a Farmhouse, you don’t want to be urban.

Wash with Power

Exteriors can accumulate dirt and stains after the rainy season or winter. Use a power washer to wash your exteriors!

This is something that I often notice when showing houses. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your yard; if it isn’t maintained properly, buyers will be turned away.


This curb appeal tip is highly valued by me. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your yard looks or how clean your home is. Your home will instantly look shabby if it has random odds and ends all over.

After the toys have been used, be sure to collect them. Make sure to clean up after your garden tools. Do not leave yard waste or leaves lying around. Do not leave your garbage cans unattended in your yard or on the side of the house. Many homeowners don’t know this but they make their home less attractive by leaving garbage cans out in plain sight.

That’s it folks. All of this can be accomplished in just a few days! You don’t need to be the most ugly house on the block. Take a deep breathe, sip your coffee, make lemonade and get dressed up for work.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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